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(ES) Climbing in Roque Nublo Mountains

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Person Ages 14+

Experience a unique and exhilarating climbing experience with stunning views in Roque Nublo Mountains

Climbing is in our DNA since we are born, but we used to lose this skills when we grow up. Here you have a chance for connect with your body and the mountain. This activity was the beginning of the alpinism, the base for going to the mountains looking for adventures and challenges. It’s the perfect option for disconnect and stop your mind: your mind have to be focus only in the rock.

Many people think that for climbing you have to be so strong, but it’s not true. You only need a normal fitness and know how to move your body in an efficient way to use your skills to go up. The summit doesn’t mind, the important is how you feel the rock and enjoy that moment. Trust in us, try climbing should be one of the must to do of this year for you

Roque Nublo it’s the heart of the biggest volcano of Gran Canaria and its altitude, 1813 meters, is a coincidence between the mountains and the canary winds (Alisios) and let us watch the most amazing show of a dance with the clouds. This sacred rock for aborigins will be the landscape what you will see while try the rock climbing.

In our spot we can be relaxed in a pine forest while you learn the basic techniques for climbing and have knowledge about materials. You will have chance for climbing on your own pace, feeling the rock in the best moment, the sunset from the top of Gran Canaria. Also you can enjoy a natural snack while you rest in hanging hammocks. In this activity the group is reduced for give the best quality to your experience. It’s not necessary experience, only normal fitness. It’s the perfect activity for beginners who want to try rock climbing or amateur climbings who want to improve the technique and enjoy the volcanic rock of Canarias. You will be always in company of the guide with top rope (always safety rope for avoid falling).