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Top 10 things to do in Gran Canaria

a man standing in front of a sunset

#1 Dont look for “Top 10 things to do…”

Looking for “10 things to do in Gran Canaria” in internet the only thing that you are going to get is a list of crowded places. Try to avoid instagram/blog spots. There are better places to visit, you only have to ask a local 😉 Book only activities respectful with the nature and the animals.

a man and a woman taking a selfie in a car
#3 Rent a car: be independent

Travelling in public transport in Gran Canaria is hard, expensive and you will miss all the good places. Renting a car is cheap and easy in Canary islands. Also, we always recommend get different places to sleep during your trip. You will save a lot of time changing your hotel/house exploring different parts of the island. 

a man flying through the air on a rock
#5 Explore the coast

Gran Canaria is famous by its beaches… but the true hidden treasure is the volcanic wild coast: cliffs, natural pools and caves make of our coast a paradise for nature lovers. In our tour of Coasteering you will reach unaccesible places to see the paradise with your own eyes.

rapelling with waterfalls rainfortest gran canaria
#7 Wonder with the waterfalls

Yes, we have waterfalls! Before of the spanish conquest, the island was a tropical paradise full of jungles. Nowadays there are a few spots where you can see the original landscape. In our tour Canyoning Cernicalos you can descend a route in the waterfalls with ropes and explore the rainforest in an unique adventure.

a tent in a field
#9 On your feet pace: Trekking

After travelling a lot, we have realized in the importance of having a local guide for trekking. It doesnt matter the difficulty of the route: a guide always is going to give a really valuable information and care about you. We offer customized hiking tours and several days trekkings.





a man standing on top of a hill
#2 Spend a night in the mountains

When it was the last time that you saw a sky full of stars? In our Astronomy Hiking tour you can learn about astronomy while you enjoy an awesome sunset and a walk in the forest at night. We also organise camps in the mountains with tents: enjoy the wild feeling of nature.

a view of water and a mountain in the background
#4 Learn about the climate

Gran Canaria is a circular island. Always it will be a part protected of the wind with good weather. North of the island is greener and fresh than south. Also the climate changes a lot with the height. In winter you can have snow in the center of the island and 25º in the beach.

a person in a raft on the water
#6 Live the ocean

We belong to the Atlantic Ocean and we love it. Since we are kids we play with the waves and with the seabed. Discover the power of the sea and all its secrets in our Kayaking Tour: Sea Caves, snorkel, beaches and rush in the cliffs to enjoy the island from the limits.

mountain bike tour gran canaria forest descent downhill
#8 Feel the forests

Hiking is good, but riding is awesome. The north of the island has the best forests. Descending through the forest with a bike is a feeling that really worth to live it. Adrenaline and landscapes mix in our MTB tour where you can understand the importance of the water for us.

rock climbing gran canaria via ferrata
#10 Don’t conquest mountains, let that they conquest you

Nowadays some people are obsessed collecting summits. For us, in the way of climbing up is where is the magic. You can check by yourself in our Via Ferrata route, where you will climb a 100 meters rock wall of the desertic canyon in a thrilling itinerary through caves and awesome climbing tecniques.



And we have a present for you! Download our free Gran Canaria Travel Guide to find the best spots of the island. From Locals to Travelers: you are welcome!

If you are looking for organised van tours to discover the island with a local guide going to the coolest places in the most confortable way, please contact us! Everyday different tours in all the island.

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