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  • Exclusive Activity

Coastering (Ocean & Mountain Adventure Route)

Quick Details

Person Ages 16-55

Explore the beautiful coastal and mountain landscapes of Gran Canaria in this adrenaline-pumping adventure activity

We have designed a route which you will explore caves, beaches and cliffs. But that it’s in the land… then we will abseil to the ocean, where we can do snorkel, jump from the cliffs if you want and climb on the rocks to move across the coast line playing with the waves.

The Agaete Coastering Xtreme is an exclusive activity, offered only by RockNatour. The activity begins by following a path at the top of the cliff where we will find a very special aboriginal cave. Our local guide will explain the history of the island and everything about the place that surrounds us. Our objective is located on top of a rock above the sea more than 100 meters high, from where we will begin to descend with rappelling techniques towards the sea. The guide will always explain all the procedures to you and supervise your equipment; You will also carry a safety rope controlled by him. When we reach sea level (it is not necessary to get wet yet) we will skirt the cliff with climbing techniques on a marine via ferrata, where you will climb easily with a lifeline over the ocean .

a man flying through the air while riding skis

We will start doing some cool jumps from the rocks (not mandatory) and then we will do snorkel following the coast until a hidden beach. We will walk back to reach the same point that we have started where we will finish this awesome experience that will be the highlights of your trip!

Technical Data

  • Distance: 4km
  • Elevation Gain: +150
  • Elevation Loss: -150
  • Difficulty: Medium +
  • Duration: 5 hours