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Cernicalos Canyon

Quick Details

Person Ages 16-55

Experience the thrill of canyoning in Gran Canaria’s Cernicalos Canyon with RockNatour

The adventure starts walking for 20 minutes in a trail between the mountains with views of this natural reserve, one of the last with the original rainforest. From this high position we can learn about the geology of Gran Canaria and its history. Then we will arrive to the canyon where the water flows everyday. It’s time for canyoning! The guide will explain you everything: you don’t need experience, only a normal fitness. The first part is really fun, short slides to get ready for action. But the second part is even better! You will learn how to abseil with ropes and then you can do it by yourself, always assisted by a professional guide. In each part of the canyon you will learn and try different tecniques. When we finish, we will come back to the starting point following in an old trail, where we can stop to have a snack with amazing views and caves.