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Abseiling in Barranco Las Vacas

Quick Details

Kevin's Group Experience: 190€
Person Ages 14+

Experience an exhilarating canyoning adventure offered by Rocknatour in Barranco Las Vacas

We will meet in the parking, where you will receive your equipment Then we will hike up to the starting point of the ravine, a hike with elevation but which will give us amazing views of the Aguayro mountain, a sacred place for aborigins. After 30 minutes hiking up we will arrive to the canyon, where we will explain you all the techniques that you need. Experience is not required, you will always abseil with an extra safety rope. This route is perfect for beginners and people who want to surpass their scare of heights because they are easy abseils and not so high. Also, you can try a zipline inside of the canyon and optionally visit aborigin secret caves after activity. There is not water in the canyon. We will come back to the starting point climbing a bit in an easy and safe way.